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the interest of

Public Safety

I am writing this in response to the number of so-called public safety issues that have plagued and unbalanced the scales of justice in Canada.

I will focus on two of the hottest topics over the last thirty years and will attempt to do so without bias or prejudice.

Gun Control and Registration

Firearms Safety is extremely important and should be public-ally funded. Not all Canadians can afford the courses. Ideally firearms education should be taught in schools starting at a young age.

I would like to point out that in tough economical times more low income families turn to hunting to feed their families. We live in a time where record numbers of people have to choose between paying rent, electricity or for food

In reviewing the firearms safety manuals for the non-restricted and restricted I found that approximately ninety percent does not pertain to safety.

I found it interesting that they would use statistics on Suicide, accidents and homicide as reasons for gun control when the number of incidents were falling prior to the implementation of controls. I admit attempts were rising during the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's during our cultural reform period.

Suicide it talks about that being the number one cause of death by firearms in Canada, it does not contain the percentage of total suicides/attempts or of any other causes or death after a attempted firearms related incident by other means, Nor does it state that most suicides occur while people are under the influence most commonly by alcohol followed by drugs.

Please be aware of the following, between 1979 and 1998 approximately 26% of attempted suicides involved firearms, during that period gun control was in effect in Canada. I will agree that attempts by males involving firearms dropped from 41% to 26% therefore firearms control is working? Unfortunately we don't hear much about the increase in attempts by suffocation/hanging which rose from 24% to 40%. The pattern among women was similar with a rise in suffocation/hanging from 19% to 34%.

Since I am focusing on firearms I will not include statistics arising from other methods of suicide or attempted suicide

Contrary to the firearms safety information that claims if they do not have access to firearms they would be less likely to use other methods, this is not reflected by the proportional increase stated above.

Accidents well that's a lack of firearms safety training, common sense or being under the influence.

Homicide what is the percentage by people in legal possession of a firearm compared to illegal possession?

Gun Control is not Crime Control yet it has created a situation where it has become more lucrative to the criminal who brings black market firearms into Canada and sells them. Psychologically we have given the upper hand to the criminals who sell them and worse the criminal who buys them and feels “I have the power” you'll do what I say.

Court Sentences, In cases involving a violent crime, why are people sentenced on average twice as long if it involves a firearm for the same crime? Is that not a form of discrimination.

Prior to Gun Control we had a more accurate idea of how many firearms were in Canada based on sales and importation. We don't have the manpower or population to secure our borders at all points whether it be the fields of the Prairies, our oceans or air drops in our northern areas.

Lets face it we made gun smuggling as profitable as drugs and human trafficking and we haven't been able to stop that.

Possession licence and registration why?

I agree all handguns should be registered it had been that way since the 1930s and had worked good throughout the 90's

I do have problems with the long gun registry and powers given to the Police in regards to licensing.

I will admit when the first attempt at gun control when the Firearms Acquisition Certificate was first introduced I was against it. I felt it would only open the door to further restrictions and I didn't like the fact you had to fill in numerous pieces of personal information, in an application for any other form of license people would have revolted or given up and said No!

Little to say, we have had a few revisions of gun control since then, The process becoming worse and the questions more indecent. Why just to give a card to say this person can own a gun? I've never seen a criminal carry one.

Given that is that not enough? NO the law now allows the Police to invade a persons home without a warrant to inspect their guns and storage. Oh ya don't forget if they come knocking at your door even if your not a registered firearms owner and they want to come in and you ask where's your warrant they can “claim reasonable suspicion under the firearms act” by the way, if the Police want a warrant under the firearms act they “Don't Have to Prove or show Criminal Activity” and if you refuse welcome to your local holding cell and court.

Don't you love it, A country that gives power to Police and Judges to allow access to your home, without due cause just by saying they might have unregistered firearms? What ever happened to the burden of proof in obtaining a warrant? Oh yes that's reserved for obtaining warrants that that involve criminal activity!

Canada welcome to the home of the not so free society!

Ok now here's a question or two?

Why should a modern reproduction percussion rifle be registered while a reproduction flintlock rifle or musket doesn't have to be?

As stated earlier I agree ALL handguns should be registered, but why have we made laws regarding the barrel length and calibre of handguns. Most handguns are in collections and not usually fired. We allow 22 calibre but prohibited 25 and 32 but we allow 38 and higher and have prohibited handguns with barrel length less then 105mm eliminating a great part of our history and future collections and affordable firearms for collectors. I know many gun owners are going to hate my next comment but “ a gun is a gun” it doesn't matter what calibre or barrel length, we should have the right to own what we like and what we collect!

Given the fact it's been 30 years of arguing since licensing became an issue ok.. I guess were stuck with it, and after you fill out your forms and exploit your life, background and medical information and have your references vouch you are not a terrorist, murderer, your of sound mind and you are not stressed to a point of harming yourself or others and your job and finances are not giving you problems and when your spouse and if applicable ex-spouse sign that your not a threat and and they don't object to you having a gun and you get a criminal investigation, they then will consider giving you a license.

Great eh! All that then comes registering your firearms why? Isn't it good enough that they know you have a license? So you probably own a gun or more then one. Why do we need to register our rifles and shotguns? Is it so the next time your local Mac's is robbed they can say oh so n so lives three blocks away and they have a gun so let's see if it was them? Or could it be that if you have a party and the police show up at 3am because your neighbour wants you to quiet down they can bring the swat team because they figure your a paramilitary organization? Or do they think you would sell your guns to people who are criminals?

I've heard officers state it's so we know who has guns in their home, I suppose the criminals register their arms or are the police that naive that because their registry states no guns are there, that they don't have to use the necessary caution responding to a call? And by the way even if a law abiding citizen does violate the law and becomes a criminal it does not mean that he left his firearms at the registered address, therefor the registration process is a waste of taxpayers money that does nothing for the community or safety!

Does our Government lack the backbone to do what fair for the Country? Or have they fallen victims of “mob rule” style tactics? In the name of Public Safety?