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Flawed Statistics


Intentional Misleading

of our people and government!

In my research I have always relied on Statistics Canada, unfortunately when it comes to firearms and crime there is too much generalization and specific categories are eliminated. For instance I wanted to know the number of suicides that involved firearms that involved legally owned firearms, illegally owned firearms and suicides that the victim enticed police to shoot them. I was told those numbers were combined and there was no way to separate them.

I then decided to look into the homicide statistics and found a similar pattern, Police shootings were included in the statistics. I was told by Statistics Canada if I required that detail of information I would have to contact each Police Department and it would be up to them if they wish to release the information and to discuss any costs involved.

The more I looked into firearms statistics the more I found they were tainted with Police shootings, for efficient and accurate gun control legislation we must remove or separate Police shootings from the statistics, or include Police Departments under the gun control legislation!

Inaccurate Statistics combined with sensationalism within news broadcasting has painted a grim picture of law abiding gun owners.

More will be added as time permits!