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Comments from our viewers

I regard Canada as one of the best countries in the world. However, I refuse to support restrictions on gun ownership unless it involves only people who have committed felonies and people who have a history of mental illness. Criminals will find ways to gain access to firearms regardless of strict gun laws. By contrast, law-abiding citizens are not that fortunate.

Restrictive firearm legislation has failed to reduce violent crime in Australia, Canada, or Great Britain. The policy of confiscating guns has been an expensive failure. Criminal violence has not decreased. Instead, it continues to increase. Unfortunately, policy dictates that the current directions will continue and, more importantly, it will not be examined critically.

Only the United States has witnessed such a dramatic drop in criminal violence over the past decade. Perhaps it is time politicians in the Commonwealth reviewed their traditional antipathy to lawfully owned firearms.

It is an illusion that gun bans protect the public. No law, no matter how restrictive, can protect us from people who decide to commit violent crimes. Maybe we should crack down on criminals rather than hunters and target shooters?

I am addressing the fact that Guns have no justifiable place in Domestic Violence, neither do knives or other weapons!

Domestic Violence is not gender specific

I have seen statistics on spousal homicide and seen female to male comparisons, I have not seen statistics on same sex spousal homicide.

I have seen Statistics Canada reports that contradict each other especially regarding homicide and domestic violence

Another problem I see is how Statistics Canada collects and compiles their information

Todays computer systems have one glitch that is limiting the information that is available it is having specific input fields and if what you have to enter isn't there you cannot enter it! How can we obtain accurate information if many of the facts are missing!

In the 1990s, sweeping changes were made to the firearms laws, first in 1991 and then again in 1995. Licensing and registration are still being phased in. The contrast between the criminal violence rates in the United States and in Canada is dramatic. Over the past decade, the rate of violent crime in Canada has increased while in the United States the violent crime rate has plummeted.

I don't believe in Violence towards women, For over 40 years people have been debating gun control in Canada, but it wasn't until after The École Polytechnique Massacre, also known as the Montreal Massacre, occurred on December 6, 1989 That killed 14 women did any women's rights groups get involved and start using gun control as a tool. If men were singled out and killed would these groups still have joined this crusade

Maybe it's time to have these groups that want to disarm the Canadian Citizen, investigated by the RCMP and each member or supporter of the group, investigated for criminal affiliation, possible gun or drug traffiking or maybe they are mentally unstable and had dreams and desires of using a firearm to kill someone.