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Enough is Enough It's Time to Relax Firearm Regulations in Canada

If Canada continues to implement gun control, There will be only two groups of people enjoying and benefiting from the use of firearms.

The Criminals and those supplying the Criminals!

"A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie." Vladimir Lenin

    Attention Union Members

The CAW has used your Union Dues to support the Coalition for gun control!
Is Your Union trying to disarm Canada?

Thats a slap in the face for all of us who own firearms and pay union dues!
I guess unions don't have enough to do, other then get involved with employee's personal lives and leisure time activities!


Gun Control obviously offends Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This action is a direct thrust against the corpus of human rights standards and each day that it stands unchallenged is a threat to the entire structure of human rights and thus to democracy itself. Please protest loudly.

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Although firearms are the topic here one of our biggest concerns is with the way the firearms act has effected the fundamental principles of law. the laws and freedoms this Country was formed around and continued to exhibit until very recently!

Stats Canada report showing violent crime rate dropping prior to the 1977 passing of Bill C-51 and still higher then when guns were readily available!

Rates of spousal homicide have steadily been declining since 1975

(Statistics Canada. (2006). Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends 2006.) (Statistics Canada, Catalgue No. 85-570-XWE, p. 23). Ottawa, ON: Statistics Canada.)

Hey that's 3 years prior to the implementation of Bill C-51. Gun Control working before it starts?

Canada Must Change it's National Anthem

Most people can't be trusted, so we should have laws against guns, which most people will abide by, because they can be trusted.

Prohibited guns, I guess we should ban inexpensive guns because it's not fair that poor people have access to guns too. Dam legalized discrimination!

I have always been against owning a firearm for self defense, but due to the fact we require Firearms Control and it has been increasing over the last 30 years. Shows the Government and Police are incapable of Protecting us and we should be armed against the violence that is causing Canada to require Gun Control!

Canadians report using firearms to protect themselves between 60,000 and 80,000 times per year from dangerous people or animals. More importantly, between 19,000 and 37,500 of these incidents involve defense against human threats.

The number of incidents that Canadians use firearms to protect themselves is probably much higher, unfortunately Canadians are reluctant to report or admit they use firearms for defense due to fear of legal repercussions

According to Wendy Cukier, President of the Coalition for Gun Control and Professor, Administration and Information Management, Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, “gun deaths and injuries in Canada are a serious public health problem, claiming more than 1200 lives each year and resulting in over 1000 hospitalizations.”

It is not only a national tragedy but a disgrace to Canada to have criminals take that many lives per year!

Unfortunately we can not bring back the dead but we can protect the living!

“gun deaths and injuries in Canada are a serious public health problem, claiming more than 1200 lives each year and resulting in over 1000 hospitalizations.” Canadians report using firearms to protect themselves between 60,000 to 80,000 times per year

Given those numbers I believe we would have a greater public health problem if we were to remove the means to protect oneself

It is time to unite and fight the unjust gun laws in Canada, We are not criminals and refuse to be treated like such! We believe in freedom and democracy. It is unfortunate that we live in a world that some feel is so riddled with violence that we require gun control, unfortunately gun control goes after the law abiding citizens that obey laws! it does nothing to stop those who choose to violate the law! I have heard people say guns kill people, I've been around firearms most of my life and I have yet to see one move on it's own load itself aim and fire at someone without someone holding it! and once a person goes that far They Are A Criminal! everyone is born innocent and law abiding unfortunately some will choose a path of crime sometime in their life! Control and restrictions will do nothing to prevent that! Education, social programs dealing with poverty and having violence awareness plus more shelters and programs to help the ill, poor, abused, at risk teens and minorities and better trained and equipped Police and the hiring of more Police officers would do more to reduce crime and violence including domestic violence and violence against women and children!

About Us

We believe in the licensing of firearms owners and in the registration of handguns!

We believe in firearms safety.

We believe in Gun Control for screening applicants and keeping firearms out of the hands of people who have a violent history and criminal background.

Canada's Gun Control Act and the standing of the Long Guns Registry has prompted us to organize, unite and Lobby at a National Level for the Reform of the Gun Control Act!

An Open Letter to the Victims of "Gun Violence"

If Canadians truly want Gun Control they will Join Us.

We believe in ammunition sales being restricted to holders of Possession and Acquisition Licenses

If Criminals don't have easy access to ammunition a firearm is just scrap metal and extra weight!

Stories of people whose lives have been saved because they had a gun in an emergency situation. rarely make the national news, and no, it's not because I believe the news is biased toward left, it's because I know that TV news is a business, like any other. A story of a woman shooting an intruder doesn't get people to watch TV as readily as a story of a rapist who injured a woman, flees the scene and is still at large. Fear sells, and responsible gun owners defending their homes just isn't scary enough to put in the news.

Justice and Accountability!

The People have spoken! they want gun owners to be accountable for their guns and have them locked up safely the government has abided by this and passed legislation!

It is time to hold these organizations and Government accountable! Accountable for their actions. Actions which have put families at risk!

If you or members of your family are injured, traumatised, assaulted or murdered by an intruder and you are unable to protect yourself or loved ones due to "SAFE STORAGE"

Then it is time to hold these People, Organizations and Government accountable! and take legal action against them!

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Here We Go Again!

Since England passed its strict gun control laws, their previously low murder rate has almost caught up to that of the USA and according to a Reuters article on October 11, 1998 most other violent crime in England has passed the US crime rates. This is also supported by an October 1998 report of the Bureau of Justice Statistics."

Government Of Canada News Releases

News Releases

Abolish the Young Offenders Act!

I have not seen different Acts for other Age groups, is this not age discrimination?

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Parents listen to your children!

They argue with you and state they don't want to be treated like kids anymore! They expect to be treated like adults and listened to, they can do what they want etc..

Well Lets do it and Abolish the Young Offenders Act!

Give them the responsibility they want!

The Constitution states that "all citizens are equal before and under the law."

Guess Canadian Youth Can't Be Citizens?

Stop the discrimination!

If a 13 year old shoots someone, intentionally or due to gang affiliation they will be charged under the Young Offenders Act and have limited punishment! What is worse is that they will be able to apply for a firearms license at 19 years old, because their record has been sealed chances are they will receive the permit. This not only applies to shootings but any violent crime a youth might commit!

Please visit the Coalition for Gun Control homepage

I wish we could work together with the Coalition as we both share the goal of reducing firearms violence in Canada. One problem we face in this process is everyone is born law abiding, unfortunately a percentage will become Criminals at some point during their lives. Factors include Culture, Background, social-economic and mental illness Instead of dealing with the issues behind Crime and Violent behaviour, Our Government and some people will present Gun Control as a solution!

I guess they believe one should judge all gun owners by the acts of a few criminals, just like one should judge all blacks by the acts of a few inner-city crack dealers.

Quote from coalition for gun control "The firearms registry is part of a comprehensive approach to make it more difficult for dangerous people to get access to guns."
Question? How does the registry make it more difficult? Does the registration of cars make it more difficult for a person legally entitled to buy one?

New Study: The effectiveness of Canada’s gun control laws is due to the reduced access and availability of firearms rather than to the severity of sentences provided in the legislation. Enactment of Bills C-51 (1977) and C-68 (1995) was followed by a significant drop in the number of homicides committed with a firearm, mostly in the case of homicides committed with a shotgun or a hunting rifle. No tactical displacement was observed.
“nice how they don't make the references available” or who funded the study? It would be nice if they showed a comparison or enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, That Canada's gun control laws and not other influencing factors contributed to these published objectives.

Another problem with the Registry is that it shows what guns are registered to an address but that doesn't mean they are there! They could be on loan or locked at a shooting club or at the gunsmith getting worked on!

Why is it that the Media and groups calling for gun control portray "ALL" gun owners as criminals prone to domestic violence and civil unrest who sell their guns on the black market?

i can relate to the actions of certain members of the coalition for gun control who were present at the Montreal Massacre. The situation in Montreal was a tragedy and a very dark day in Canada's history. Many people who witnessed the events have suffered long term psychological damage. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder if not properly treated can fuel the hatred, anger, irrational thinking that led even the kindest and intelligent people to unjust and extremely violent behavior

Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women

There is no place for violence in a relationship or society!

We support the groups combating non-gender specific, violence and will continue to lobby for more services, more shelters, increasing police training and the hiring of more officers especially in rural and northern Canada

We will not support firearms bans, or other individual weapon bans (knife, bat, frying pan, crossbow etc.)

Violence is the issue, not the tool they use to commit it!

It is becoming more obvious that these groups are more interested in banning guns then dealing with violent behaviour and criminal activities!


Law enforcement agencies falsely teach women that they are safest if they don't resist rapists and robbers, While women's organizations advocate gun control, thus rendering women and their children defenseless.

Victimhood is good business for organizations that foster victim status. As victims, the members depend upon the organization to protect them, and the organization in turn relies on members for funding and political power. In the interest of self-preservation, these organizations work hard at preserving hatred and bigotry and at keeping their members defenseless – and therefore dependent.

Of course the culture of victimhood and its mouthpiece organizations like Cukier’s Coalition for Gun Control require an ongoing supply of fresh victims or they would be out of business. That is why the concept of a confidently trained and defensively armed woman scares the bejeezus out of them.

People who own guns out of a fear of crime are paranoid, but people who don't want other people to own guns in case it causes them to commit crimes are rational.?

Women are just as intelligent and capable as men, but a woman with a gun is "an accident waiting to happen."

Unfortunately the groups trying to fight domestic violence and violence against women have undermined the actions and beliefs of the Women's liberation movement of the 60's, now portraying women as weak, submissive and incapable of defending them self!

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Criminals don't care about laws

Has Canada fallen victim to "mob rule" not only by the Criminals but by those advocating Gun Control?

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The Coalition for gun control claims there are 500 fewer deaths per year and that is contributed gun control

Please provide direct supporting evidence to this proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Gun control and not other contributing factors are responsible!

Spousal homicides committed with firearms dropped by 77% for women between 1974 and 2000 and by 80% for men during the same time period. Contrary to what advocates of gun control believe, Increased awareness, reporting and publication of domestic violence incidents, as well as police campaigns to crack down on domestic violence, have been the primary factors on the reduction of domestic violence homicides.

If Gun Control is doing what they claim why are we wasting valuable police time and resources on Increased awareness, reporting and publication of domestic violence incidents, as well as police campaigns to crack down on domestic violence,

Canada is an under Policed society having one officer for every 563 people and varies by region in some areas the rate is one to every 640 people. In the United States the ratio is about one to 411 people. Crime Control and Prevention is near impossible with ratios this high!

The gap in violent crime rates between the United States and Canada has narrowed due to a precipitous drop in the violent crime rate in the U.S. For example, while the aggravated assault rate declined for most of 1990s in the U.S. and was 324 per 100,000 in 2000, the aggravated assault rate in Canada remained relatively steady throughout and was 143 per 100,000 in 2000. In other areas, the U.S. had a faster decline. For instance, whereas the murder rate in Canada declined by 36% between 1991 and 2004, the U.S. murder rate declined by 44%. Surprisingly, both Saskatoon and Regina consistently have Violent Crime rates that would place them among the 10 most violent cities in the US, and often individually exceed larger US centres in terms of Total numbers for Aggravated Assaults and Robbery.

Some Canadian organizations argue that citizens have the right to defend themselves with weapons. The most dramatic illustration of the official discouragement of armed self defense is the recent passage of an omnibus bill by the Canadian Parliament that, among other provisions, prohibits and confiscates without compensation, over half of all legally owned handguns in Canada on the grounds that they are small and so might be used for self defense.

Canada Firearms Safety Course Manuals

Download the firearms safety course manuals

Canadian Firearms Safety Course Manual (.pdf file)

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course Manual (.pdf file)

Application for Possession and Acquisition License

Police and Politicians think that guns are so complex to use that special training is necessary to use them properly, but so simple to use that they make murder easy.

Gun Control is not Criminal Control!

Gun Control has made it easier for criminals to get guns! Every time we pass new restrictions on firearms we make it more profitable for gun traffickers. Unfortunately we can't control the number of firearms smuggled into Canada. Firearms like drugs are smuggled from many different Countries and by many different means, not to mention the home made ones including fully automatic weapons! We can no longer estimate the number of firearms in our Country because of illegal importation and manufacture!

Changes to our legal system and the Firearms Control Act


1. Removal of the young offenders act, it discriminates by age. It also gives violent offenders a chance to granted a firearms license.

2. Removal of the Prohibited status on handguns, Assault Rifles and automatic weapons, We have been found fit to own firearms by the RCMP and the firearms act. Restrictions on barrel length and calibre don't make a gun any safer!

3. Removal of the prohibited status on Replica Firearms

4. Implementation of a National Registry of people with a history of irrational and violent behaviour and those who are prohibited from owning firearms! requiring them to provide any change of address.

5. Implementation of Federally funded programs for awareness and treatment for domestic violence, suicide and crime prevention.

6. Temporary Removal of firearms and licenses in domestic violence cases, Amend the firearms Act to ban gun possession by those convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors.

7. National Strategy for Provinces to increase funding to Police forces to hire more officers

8. Implementation of a Federal Police force specializing in gangs and organized crime

9. Public funding making firearms safety courses and exams available to all Canadians not just those who can afford it!

10. Removal of the processing fee on applications for firearms licenses.

11. Increasing the size of our Coast Guard, Military, Police departments and Customs forming a joint task force to secure Canada's perimeter and airspace. This must include the searching of “Every” Vehicle, Vessel, piece of luggage and parcel entering Canada. This will be the beginning of illegal firearms and substance control in Canada.

Suggested Reading

The following documents were not prepared by us, We have read the documents to ensure they are relevant to our stand. We may or may not agree entirely with the content and ask you read them without prejudice or bias!

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Keven Trudeau Sums Up Gun Control well on his Radio Show

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comments from our viewers.. put here until out fourms and blogs are ready

Brief History Gun Laws in Canada

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Assault Weapons Ban- Briefing Book.pdf

GunFacts V4.2.pdf

It's amazing what one has to believe to believe in gun control.pdf

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Thoughts on Gun Control Legislation.pdf

Jury nullification and the 2nd Amendment.pdf US BASED!!

John Stossel On Gun Control Myth.avi

John Stossel Links Gun Control to Higher Crime Rates.flv

Suzanna Hupp testifying.flv

On a final note I would like to pose a question, considering the fact that most crimes, domestic violence and acts of suicide are done while people are intoxicated. Given the logic of gun control on Public Safety, would we be considering federal regulations and more stringent restrictions on the purchase, consumption and safe storage of alcohol?

I guess someone believes in it! click here

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